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Maintaining the cleanliness of your sliding door’s floor track is crucial for smooth operation. Regular vacuuming helps prevent the accumulation of debris, ensuring that the door can open and close without obstruction. This simple yet effective practice contributes to the overall longevity and functionality of your sliding door.

To further enhance the performance of your sliding door, it’s advisable to apply a silicone-based lubricant on the top track and interlocks at least every six months. This lubrication minimizes friction and promotes ease of movement. However, it’s important to note that this lubricant should never be sprayed or applied to the bottom tracks, as it may attract dust and dirt, leading to potential operational issues.

When using your sliding doors, always exercise caution by closing them gently rather than slamming them open or shut. This gentle approach not only prevents unnecessary wear and tear but also helps maintain the door’s alignment over time.

Regular maintenance also involves checking and, when necessary, gently tightening the screws on your door handles and locks. Loose or misaligned hardware can impact the door’s functionality, so addressing this promptly contributes to its smooth operation.

For cleaning the glass panels of your sliding door, opt for a non-abrasive glass cleaner such as the SprayAway brand. This type of cleaner effectively removes dirt and smudges without scratching or damaging the glass surface, preserving the door’s aesthetic appeal.

Lastly, before your lawn is serviced, take a moment to inspect the area around your sliding door for rocks and sharp objects. Removing any potential hazards ensures that the door remains free from obstructions and operates seamlessly. This proactive approach prevents damage to both the door and the surrounding environment during routine lawn care activities.

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Fantastic!!! I couldn’t be happier with the service and product. We needed a mammoth door because our dogs wanted to go through the one we had (self installed) together and just annihilated it. Also highly recommend roller replacement. I didn’t know a door could be so smooth. These guys are top notch, super friendly and professional.

Carole F.

Very happy with their service! Prompt (even called to let me know they were running a few minutes late), did a great job replacing foggy glass in my sliding glass door and replacing the rollers in both doors. Cleaned up before they left and were courteous and efficient! Thank you, Gerald!

Kathey S.

Excellent repair. Very professional and courteous. On time – even let us know they were on their way. Reminds me of companies from days gone by how professional they were. They made sure everything was in working order before leaving. Quite the gentlemen! Much better way to go than installing brand new doors when there is nothing wrong with the sliding glass panes.

Ingrid W.

This is the second job we have had done by the staff at Florida Sliding Glass Door Repair. Very prompt and friendly during the visit and the work was done well. We have had them install a pet door in the past and this visit was to repair a sliding door that was painful to open. It now slides smooth as silk and is like new, we were pleasantly amazed!!!

Steve E.

Drew and the team was super responsive and helpful. I’m always skeptical of repair services because I think they would scam me out of money. But Florida Sliding Glass Door Repair really surprised us with their honesty and integrity. They gave me a full service of the door and ensured I would get follow-up. Looking forward to the relationship I will build with this company!

Max F.

Amazing, prompt service. They were able to get to our job quickly, arrived right on time and did a fantastic job. We originally had them come out and do one sliding door but they did such a great job we had them come back out and do the other door. Both doors now slide like they are brand new!

Kristine E.
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