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Florida Sliding Glass Door Repair Now Offers Pet Door Installations!

The Perfect Solution for Your Furry Friends

For pet owners, providing their furry companions with the freedom and convenience to access the great outdoors is an essential aspect of their care. Enter Florida Sliding Glass Door Repair – Central Florida’s leading provider of sliding glass door repair and pet door installation. Our in-glass pet door installation service is the perfect solution for the modern home with energy-efficient windows, glass doors, and sliding glass doors. No need to worry about unsightly pet doors that spoil your interior design – our in-glass pet door installations are sleek, practical, and visually appealing. If you’re looking for an efficient and attractive way to provide your pet with the freedom to come and go as they please, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Choose an In-Glass Pet Door?


A common concern with pet doors is their potential to compromise the security of your home. Our in-glass pet doors maintain the security provided by your sliding glass doors, ensuring a worry-free, secure solution.


Traditional pet doors often require cutting a hole into a solid door or wall. This can create an unsightly appearance, especially in modern homes with high-quality interiors. In-glass pet doors maintain the clean lines and beauty of your glass doors while still providing your pet essential access to the outdoors.


Traditional pet doors can be a major source of heat or cool air loss, leading to increased energy bills. In contrast, our in-glass pet doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind and utilize high-quality materials to ensure minimal loss of climate-controlled air.


Our in-glass pet doors are designed to help reduce outdoor noise, ensuring your home remains a peaceful sanctuary for you and your pet.


An in-glass pet door brings a level of convenience to your pet that traditional methods may not provide. Your pet will have the freedom to come and go as they need to without imposing on your busy schedule.

Enjoy Luxury and Convenience from Florida Sliding Glass Door Repair

Pet doors are a convenience for both you and your four-legged friends. They allow pets access to the outdoors, the freedom to return indoors and eliminate the need to continually interrupt your day or night to open the door. In the past, pet doors have traditionally created an eyesore, energy waste and even a security risk. Take advantage of a modern alternative with services from Florida Sliding Glass Door Repair.

Our in-glass pet door installation is the ideal option for today’s homeowner in North Central Florida and surrounding areas. Visually attractive, practical and innovative, this progressive option avoids the need to cut a hole into a solid door or wall. The clean aesthetics and functionality of the glass door is preserved while offering an exit and entry for your pet. Even if the door frame is narrow, our custom-built doors are precision cut to fit and fulfill your requirements.

Reinforced with rust-resistant components, engineered to uphold structural integrity and utilizing high-powered magnets, pet doors from Florida Sliding Glass Door Repair keep out inclement weather, avoid energy losses, and close securely. Flexible vinyl flaps are pet friendly, defend against sunlight damage and perform effectively and reliably.

Florida Sliding Glass Door Repair installs a far different result than a DIY project. We don’t apply a flimsy insert. Utilizing commercial-grade materials, measurements tailored to your specific requirements and the skills of professional craftsmen, we make sure your pet’s exit and entrance isn’t difficult, disruptive or a detriment to the home. Call us at 407-907-6860 and start with a free estimate or contact us online. We offer upfront costs and no hidden fees, always striving toward 100% satisfaction for our friends and neighbors across Melbourne, Orlando, Kissimmee, Sanford, Titusville, and Gainesville, FL.

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Customer Reviews

Fantastic!!! I couldn’t be happier with the service and product. We needed a mammoth door because our dogs wanted to go through the one we had (self installed) together and just annihilated it. Also highly recommend roller replacement. I didn’t know a door could be so smooth. These guys are top notch, super friendly and professional.

Carole F.

Drew and the team was super responsive and helpful. I’m always skeptical of repair services because I think they would scam me out of money. But Florida Sliding Glass Door Repair really surprised us with their honesty and integrity. They gave me a full service of the door and ensured I would get follow-up. Looking forward to the relationship I will build with this company!

Max F.

Amazing, prompt service. They were able to get to our job quickly, arrived right on time and did a fantastic job. We originally had them come out and do one sliding door but they did such a great job we had them come back out and do the other door. Both doors now slide like they are brand new!

Kristine E.

Very happy with their service! Prompt (even called to let me know they were running a few minutes late), did a great job replacing foggy glass in my sliding glass door and replacing the rollers in both doors. Cleaned up before they left and were courteous and efficient! Thank you, Gerald!

Kathey S.

This is the second job we have had done by the staff at Florida Sliding Glass Door Repair. Very prompt and friendly during the visit and the work was done well. We have had them install a pet door in the past and this visit was to repair a sliding door that was painful to open. It now slides smooth as silk and is like new, we were pleasantly amazed!!!

Steve E.

Excellent repair. Very professional and courteous. On time – even let us know they were on their way. Reminds me of companies from days gone by how professional they were. They made sure everything was in working order before leaving. Quite the gentlemen! Much better way to go than installing brand new doors when there is nothing wrong with the sliding glass panes.

Ingrid W.
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