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You don't have to live with sliding glass doors that are difficult to open. Did you know that you should be able to open your sliding glass doors with just one or two fingers? 

Sliding glass patio door repairs and glass replacement

To keep your sliding glass patio doors working safely and properly for years to come, a little maintenance goes a long way!

Avoid costly replacements by keeping your sliding patio doors in good repair.

Why is my door so heavy/hard to move?

Damage to a sliding door track occurs when there is metal-to-metal contact that results in the track getting excessively worn down, debris sits in the tracks and clogs the rollers, or a variety of other common issues.

In cases where the rollers have failed and the aluminum sliding door frame sits on the track, that heavy frame will grind or shave down the track each time someone ‘drags’ the door open. The same effect happens when one or both wheels of the roller assembly have ceased to roll, but the door remains active by the use of force. 

While it may seem that an easy fix like WD-40 could help repair these difficult to move sliding glass doors, it can actually complicate the problem and doesn’t address the underlying issues.

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Maintenance on your sliding patio doors is the best way to avoid a costly replacement.

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Sliding Glass Door Repair Service in Kissimmee, Davenport, Polk City, & Celebration Florida

“A door that doesn’t work is just a wall.” Call us crazy, but a sliding glass door can become more of a nuisance and less of a beautiful feature of your home when not working properly.

Sliding glass doors are an excellent addition to homes in sunny Florida. Year round, natural light is allowed to fill your home. These beautiful doors provide easy access to outdoor living spaces and invite you to enjoy the outdoors — even from the comfort of the AC!

However, when your sliding glass patio doors are damaged or don’t function properly, they can be more of a nuisance (or noisy distraction) than a beloved feature in your home.

Common problems with a sliding glass patio doors include:

  • Door sticks or is difficult to open

  • Obstructed tracks or noisy rollers

  • Wheels are corroded or malfunctioning

  • Broken of fogged glass

  • Broken locks on a key access point to your home

We can fix these common issues with a quick appointment!

If you are just tolerating your sliding glass doors - it's time to call the experts! Let us restore your sliding glass doors to like-new condition.

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